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Cách thay đổi định dạng ngày thành YYYY/MM/DD trong SAP HANA

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select to_nvarchar(current_date,'YYYY/MM/DD') "DateFormat" from dummy;

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  TO_NVARCHAR ( [, ]) If the specifier is omitted, then the conversion is performed using the date format model. The following data types can be converted to NVARCHAR using the TO_NVARCHAR function: ALPHANUM, BIGINT, DATE, DECIMAL, DOUBLE, FIXED12, FIXED16, FIXED8, INTEGER, REAL, SECONDDATE, SMALLDECIMAL, SMALLINT, TIME, TIMESTAMP, TINYINT, VARBINARY, VARCHAR, CLOB, NCLOB, TEXT (if the value is longer than the maximum length of NVARCHAR, then an exception is thrown)
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