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2848037 - Internal Resource Capacity with Production Order

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Internal Resource Capacity allocates all the daily capacity of one resource to each production order.

Reproducing the issue


  1. Go to Resources → Resource Master Data and create a new resource, for example, Resource1.
  2. On the Planning Data tab, set Standard Daily Capacity to 7.75 for each working day under Daily Capacity Factor 1 and 60 for each working day under Factor 2Daily Capacity and Single Run Capacity are 465 for each day.
  3. Go to Resources → Set Daily Internal Capacities and choose Resource1.
  4. For Set Daily Capacity Basis Using select: Data from Planning Data tab of Resource Master Data. Click Update.
  5. Go to Production → Production Order. Add a production order with one Route Stage and component Resource1 as Resource.
  6. Planned quantity of Product No. is set to 50. Routing Date Calculation is set to Start Data Forwards. Click the button Update Now.
  7. Confirm the pop up that appears: Do you want to update the Start and End Dates and Resource Allocation field?  
  8. Base Quantity of Resource1 is 100. Available quantity is less than Planned Qty. Calculation Proportion % is set to 50.
  9. Note: Available is lower than Planned Qty for Resource1.

Actual behavior:

  • Go to Resources → Resource Capacity, Capacity Type: 'All'.
  • Choose Resource1Click Refresh.
  • Check the Committed line: the system will suggest to use 50% for the first day and 100% for the following days.


Functionality description


This is correct system behavior because the calculation proportion % is only applied to the allocation of the first day. Once the job has started, it will continue – and therefore absorb the resource completely – for all subsequent days until it is finished.

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