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What's New in SAP Business One 10.0 FP 2202

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  1. Web Client
    • Enhancements in Purchasing Apps: bổ sung chức năng Goods return and A/P credit memo
    • New Inventory Transactions Apps Available: bổ sung chức năng Goods Issue
    • Enhancements in Accounting Apps: bổ sung chức năng Journal Entry
    • New Service Apps Available: bổ sung chức năng Equipment Card
  2. Administration
    • Authorization Groups: tăng lên 30 nhóm phân quyền cho Numbering Series và 30 nhóm phân quyền cho Price List
  3. Sales, Purchasing, and Service
    • New Fields in Blanket Agreements Fulfillment Report: bổ sung thêm các trường thông tin: Cumulative Ordered Qty, Cumulative Ordered Amount, Total Open Qty, Total Open Amount vào báo cáo thực hiện
  4. Financial Management
    • Upgrade of Localized Demo Databases: người dùng có thể tải demo database cho version 10 FP 2202
    • IFRS Postings Available for Fixed Asset Revaluation: hỗ trợ đánh giá lại TSCĐ theo chuẩn mực IFRS
  5. Lifecycle Management
    • Enable Refresh Function in Financial Reports: bổ sung khả năng Refresh cho báo cáo Profit & Loss Statement và Trial Balance
  6. Platform and Extensibility
    • SAP Crystal Reports, version for the SAP Business Oneapplication: hỗ trợ SAP Crystal Reports 2020 SP2_P1
    • SAP Best Practices for Process Automation for SAP Business One: hỗ trợ Process Automation với các service: Business Document Extraction from E-mails, Proof of Delivery Note Upload in the Outbound Delivery and Invoice, Sales Order Creation from a Local Purchase Order, Supplier Invoice Upload for Intelligent Invoice Scanning, Master Data Enrichment for Document Information Extraction, Activity Creation for Business Partners (only available for Web Client for SAP Business One)

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