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3303958 - Login Error When Restoring the Same Database

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When you restore same database and log on to the company in the SAP Business One client, the following message appears

 "Connection to the database is lost; contact your system administrator (ODBC -1102) (Message 131-183) ".

Reproducing the issue


  1. Restore the backup database Aon SQL Server.
  2. Log on to the database A successfully in the SAP Business One client.
  3. Restore the backup database B to overwrite the database A.
  4. Go to the SLD control center, choose the company A and then choose Refresh Database User to refresh the database user.
  5. Log on to the database A in the SAP Business One client.

Expected behavior:

Log on to the company successfully.

Actual behavior:

The following message appears:

"Connection to the database is lost; contact your system administrator (ODBC -1102) (Message 131-183) ".



SAP intends to provide a feature package or patch to solve the symptom that is described in this SAP Note. The section References below lists the related feature package or patch once they become available. Be aware that References can only be confirmed at feature package or patch release date. SAP delivers feature packages or patches only for selected releases at its own discretion, based on the business impact and the complexity of implementation.


Instead of overwriting the database, please delete and restore under the same name.

  1. Delete database A from the SQL Server.
  2. Go to the SLD control center, choose the company A and then choose Refresh Database User to refresh the database user.
  3. Restore database B with the same name as database A.

Note: From FP 2305 onwards, after the DB is restored with the same DB name the user still needs to go to SLD and click on the button ‘Refresh DB user’ to make the login successful.

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