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1439535 - How to install a Hotfix for SAP Business One

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You need to install a hotfix for SAP Business One due to an application fix or legal enhancement.


To install a SAP Business One hotfix, perform the following steps:

  1. To download a hotfix for components related to SAP Business One, visit the Software Download on .  
    For details on hotfix content, please refer to the corresponding info files or overview SAP Notes.
  2. Start the SAP Business One hotfix Upgrade Wizard.
  3. To upgrade the common database, select the Common Database option in the upgrade wizard and then follow the on screen instructions.
  4. Restart the SAP Business One client.
  5. When the application displays the following system message 'Your software version is not updated...', choose Yes button.

The SAP Business One client will upgrade to the relevant hotfix. Once the client upgrade is finished, open the Help/About menu in SAP Business One and verify the version.

In the Database Selection window of the upgrade wizard, if the production database is selectable, this indicates that a database upgrade is also necessary. In this case, you must also upgrade the database before upgrading the SAP Business One client application.


  • In exceptional cases, a solution to a specific issue must be delivered outside of the quarterly feature package delivery cycle. The hotfix mechanism enables SAP Business One to deliver the required solution to customers/partners immediately, without having to wait for the next feature package delivery.
  • In very exceptional and rare cases, a hotfix delivers a solution to a problem that was caused by a previous feature package. This hotfix would be announced by hot news or other specific rollout communication.

Therefore, if a hotfix is available, it is necessary to identify if the solutions delivered in the hotfix are applicable to the specific customer or not. If the solutions are not required by the specific customer, it is not recommended to install the hotfix. The next regular feature package will include the solutions delivered by the previous hotfix.

Once a hotfix is applied to the customer’s installation to correct the issue, it is recommended to upgrade to the next regular feature package once released, as hotfixes are only provided as temporary solutions. If a hotfix is not applicable to all customers, it is not recommended to install it because the next regular feature package will include that hotfix.

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