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3396142 - Options and rules of Document Numbering function

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Document numbering function: options and rules within documents and journal entries.


Administration → System Initialization → Document Numbering

  1. Background information of the'Period Indicator' field

You have used the Period Indicator field in the Posting Period window (Administration → System Initialization → Posting Periods → click a posting period) to assign a specific value to each posting period. This field indicates which document numbering series should be used in documents with a particular posting date. To make the correct matching, document numbering series need to be defined with corresponding period indicators as well. Each document numbering series is assigned with just one period indicator.

Note: The key dates, based on which SAP Business One automatically proposes a document numbering series for a document, are the actual system date and the posting date.

  1. Rules for selection of document numbering series in documents:
  • If a default numbering series is defined for a particular document type and the period indicator assigned to the numbering series matches an actual system date (initial state) or a specified posting date, this series is proposed by the system for the document (irrespective of how many period indicators are defined).
  • If no series is set as default and one or more numbering series defined with period indicators matches an actual system date (initial state) or a specified posting date, the series with the lowest number range is proposed by the system for the document.
  • If a posting date is not automatically proposed upon the opening of the document window, the series dropdown field displays all numbering series defined for the particular document with a period indicator matching the current system date; the only exceptions are those that are not authorized for the user.
  • When a posting date is specified, the series dropdown field updates the list of numbering series defined for the document type and displays only those with a period indicator matching the posting date.
  • When a posting date is specified with no numbering series defined (linked through the period indicator), the following system error message appears in a dialog window: 'To complete this document with entered Posting Date, first define the numbering series in the Administration module'. You can either change the value in the Posting Date field or close the document; any other actions with the document are not possible.
  • The numbering series list available from the series dropdown field (on a document window) always depends on whether or not the numbering series are authorized for the current user. Those numbering series that are not authorized for the current user are excluded from display (and use) right from the moment when the document is opened. The lowest number range will then be the first lowest that is authorized.
  • When the last document number from the selected series matching the actual system date is used up the particular document type, the following system error message appears: 'To generate this document, first define the numbering series in the Administration module'. And the document window is automatically closed.
  • Once a particular numbering series is set as default, this value is stored as long as it is not changed by the user authorized to do so.

Note: In Belgium each document numbering series can contain more than one document type. All of these documents can be part of the same numbering series. The above rules are in line with this Belgian specific.

  1.  Rules for selection of document numbering series in manual journal entries:
  • The above rules (regarding documents) do not apply to manual journal entries in all localizations except Belgium.
  • Standard rule (except Belgium): The period indicator of the numbering series in a manual journal entry does not have to match the period indicator of the specified posting date. This means that all numbering series defined for journal entries are displayed in the series field on the journal entry window even though some numbering series are not related to the period indicator which is set for the particular posting period.


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