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3398900 - How to display a default Price List in Item Master Data

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How can I see a certain price list as default in the Item Master Data?



In the Item Master Data the price lists are displayed in alphabetical order in the Price List field. For example:

  • There are three prices lists defined with Price List Names:
    • Price List 01
    • A_Price List 02
    • 01 Price List 03


  1. The field Price List in the Item Master Data will display 01 Price List 03 automatically. This happens because alphabetically, 0 comes before A. All other price lists have to be chosen manually in order to be displayed.
  2. If the name for one of the three price lists has changed, then the order in which they are displayed in the Item Master Data may change too. For Example, if the price list 01 Price List 03 has been renamed to Price List 03 then it will no longer be automatically displayed in the Item Master Data.
    • The Price list Names would then be:
      • Price List 01
      • A_Price List 02
      • Price List 03
  1. When price lists 01 Price List 03 is changed to Price List 03, the price list A_Price List 02 is automatically displayed in the Item Master Data. This occurs because its price list name is now the first alphabetically.



To display a desired price list automatically in field price list within the Item Master data:

  1. Open the Price lists window (Stock/Inventory Management → Price lists → Price lists).
  2. Rename the appropriate price list to have a 0 at its start, in the field Price List Name.
    • For example, if a price list name is Selling Price then rename it to 0Selling Price. Should numbers be unacceptable due to the price list naming conventions or any other reason, a neutral symbol may be used, e. g. underscore symbol: '_' ([shift]+[-]).

When viewing items in the Item Master Data, the 0Selling Price will always be displayed automatically ensuring that the item's price from that price list will be displayed in the Unit Price field.

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