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2102844 - Rules for Changing UoM Group Definitions

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You define the conversion rules for Units of Measure (UoM) within an UoM group, and select appropriate UoMs to use in item master data. However, sometimes you find that you need to change the conversion rule for an UoM.




To change the conversion rule for an UoM successfully, you must ensure the following conditions are met:

  • The onhand quantity of the items using this UoM group is zero.
  • The documents that contain the items using this UoM meet the conditions as follows:
    • For sales documents (excluding sales blanket agreements), purchasing documents (excluding purchase blanket agreements) and inventory transfers: the document must be either canceled, manually closed, or a cancellation document
    • For sales blanket agreements and purchase blanket agreements: the document status must be Terminatedor Canceled
    • For inventory transfer requests: theOpen Qty of the item using this UoM is zero, and the document must not be a draft document
    • For production orders: the document status must beClosed
    • For inventory countings: the line status of the item using this UoM isClosed

For goods receipts and goods issues: the document must not be a draft document

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