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3372451 - How to disable the bin location functionality

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You want to disable bin locations in a warehouse. In the Warehouses - Setup window (Administration → Setup → Inventory → Warehouses), if you try to deselect the Enable Bin Locations checkbox, the application displays the following error message:

"You cannot disable bin locations; remove all nonsystem bin locations in warehouse, and close associated inventory counting documents and pick lists."


SAP Business One

Reproducing the Issue

There are two possible scenarios:

  1. The non-system bin locations have not been used.

In this scenario, the application will allow you to remove the non-system bin locations. To do so, perform either of the following:

  1. Choose Inventory → Bin Location Master Data and find the relevant bin locations.
  2. Right-click and choose Remove.


  1. Choose Inventory → Bin Locations → Bin Location Management.
  2. In the Management Task field, select the Delete Bin Locations option.
  3. Select the relevant warehouse and choose the OK button.
  4. In the Bin Location Management - Deletion Preview window, choose the Delete button.
  5. Once the non-system bin locations are deleted, in the Warehouses - Setup window, you can deselect the Enable Bin Locations checkbox.
  1. The non-system bin locations have been used but are now empty and all related documents are closed.

When you try to remove the bin locations (Bin Location Master Data → right-click → Remove), the application triggers the following error: "You cannot delete bin location; bin location is in use".

Thus, you cannot remove the non-system bin location.

By definition, once a bin location has been used in a transaction, the application will not permit it to be deleted. Consequently, in the Warehouses - Setup window, you cannot deselect the Enable Bin Locations checkbox.

In conclusion:

To disable the bin location functionality for a warehouse, it is necessary to delete all non-system bin locations linked to that warehouse.

The application will allow you to delete non-system bin locations only if they have not already been used in any settings, documents, or transactions.

Therefore, if you have received inventory into a bin location, you will not be able to delete the bin location, even if the inventory quantity for that bin location is now zero and all documents are closed.

For this reason, you will not be able to disable the bin location functionality for that warehouse.



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