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3017721 - No Matching Records Found Error or Pending Document Created Through Approval When Using the "Add & View" Button

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When you choose Add & View for a marketing document that is subject to an approval process (for example, purchase order), even though the draft is created successfully, you receive the following error message: "No matching records found 'XXXXX' (OXXX) (ODBC -2028) [Message 131-183]." If you choose Add & View again, multiple drafts are created.

When you choose Add & View for a marketing document that is duplicated and triggers the approval procedure, a wrong document with the wrong approval status is created.

Reproducing the issue


  • In SAP Business One, you have enabled the approval process in Administration → System Initialization → General Settings → BP tab.
  • You have created an approval template for the marketing documents.

Scenario 1:

  1. Go to Administration → System Initialization → General Settings → BP tab and select Enable Updating the Document Generated/Updated by Approval Process.
  2. Create a market document that is subjected to an approval procedure.
  3. Choose the Add & View button.
  4. The draft is created and you receive the following error message: No matching records found.
  5. Choose Add & View again; the same error message is displayed again.

Expected behavior:

When the draft is created for the first time, a message states that the draft has been generated. 

When you choose Add & View a second time, a warning message is displayed and no more draft are created.

Actual behavior:

Multiple drafts are created when you keep choosing Add & View.


Scenario 2:

  1. Go to Administration → Approval Process → Approval Templates, define an approval template as follows:
    Originator → Use A001
    Documents → Purchase Order
    Authorizer → user manager
    Terms → When the Following Applies: Discount % Greater or Equal 10
    (Note: this issue will not occur if you define the Terms as Always)
  2. Create a purchase order with a discount of 20%.
  3. Log in to the company with user A001.
  4. Open the purchase order created in step 2.
  5. Duplicate the purchase order and enter a vendor code.
  6. Set the Discount % as 20% and choose Add & View.
  7. The draft is created and sent for approval. An error message appears: "No matching records found  'Purchase Order' (OPOR) (ODBC -2028)  [Message 131-183]".
  8. Choose Add & View again.

Expected behavior:

When you add the purchase order and trigger the approval process, no error message is displayed, and you cannot choose Add & View again.

Actual behavior:

A purchase order (not the draft) is created with the status Document Update [Pending].
This purchase order cannot be canceled, closed, or copied to a target document.
There is no approval record for this purchase order in the Approval Status Report or Approval Decision Report.



Choose the Add & New or Add & Close button instead.

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