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2369231 - Batch/Serial Valuation Method for Batch Items

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The journal entry (JE) that revalues the inventory seems incorrect.

Reproducing the issue


  • An item is managed by batches and its valuation method is Batch/Serial.
  • Only one batch has been entered for the following scenario.


  1. Create Goods Receipt PO (GRPO) no.1 for quantity 10 at price 10. Total value is 10*10=100. The cost per unit is 10 and the batch value is 100.
  2. Create Delivery for quantity 3 at price 10. Total value of 3*10=30. The cost per unit is still 10 as only the receipts are considered.
  3. Create A/P Invoice based on the GRPO no. 1 for quantity 8 at price 15. This will cause a revaluation of 40 = (8*5) and the new cost per unit is now (100+40)/10 = 14.

Actual behavior:

  • However, we only have quantity 7 in stock so the JE has to take this into consideration.
  • The inventory value will be 7*4=28 and a price difference account will be added to the JE to consider the sold quantity 3*4=12. As the A/P Invoice is only for quantity 8, the allocation will be 80.




This is correct system behavior because the batch/serial valuation method considers:

  • The total receipts value.
  • The total receipts quantity.
  • The Actual Cost is the price paid for purchasing the batch.
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