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1074825 - Tax Calculation Differs Within Marketing Documents

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There is a difference in Tax Amount (LC) between two identical rows in a marketing document.

Reproducing the issue

Scenario 1:

  1. Create a Sales Order with an item: quantity = 1; Unit Price = 42,38; Tax Code = 4%.
  2. Add an identical second row to the document with the same values as in the first row.

Actual behavior:

Even though the rows are identical, the Tax Amount (LC) in one row is 1,69, while in the other row it is 1,70.

 Scenario 2:

  1. Create a Sales Order with an item: quantity = 2; Unit Price = 88,35; Tax Code = 10%.
  2. Add a second row with the same item, with a quantity of -1, but with the same price and Tax Code as the first line.

Actual behavior:

The Total Before Discount of the document is 88,35 and the Tax calculated on the document is 8,83.


Functionality Description


The tax calculation is created on the basis of transaction totals per Tax Group / Jurisdiction. Calculated tax totals are then distributed back to the document / journal lines.

Scenario 1: The total Tax calculated on the document is 3,39 (which is 84,76*0.04). Therefore, the Tax Amount (LC) distributed back to the first row is 1,69 while the Tax Amount (LC) distributed back to the second row is 1,70. Consequently, the total Tax is distributed back to the rows as: 3,39 = 1,69 + 1,70.

Scenario 2: When you have positive and negative quantities in the same document, the rows are grouped by tax code and, additionally, by positive and negative quantity, meaning 8,83 = 17,67 + (-8,84) = 17,67 - 8,84.

When the document is based on another document, the tax calculated in base documents should be independently recalculated and not connected to the tax calculation of the originating document. Therefore, the tax is calculated per each target document separately, according to the above tax calculation concept.

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