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908042 - DTW: Getting data through ODBC

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DTW can load data using ODBC as a data source.




ODBC is a great alternative to import data into SAP Business One. The ODBC allows you to store your client's data in a database table and then you can use ODBC to fill the relevant SAP Business One tables without the need to use the DTW templates

1. Configure a new ODBC data source:

  • Open 'ODBC Data Source Administration' via Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Data Sources (ODBC)
  • Select the 'User DSN' tab and click on the Add Button 
  • In the 'Create New Data Source' window choose 'SQL Server' from the drop down list and click Finish
  • Provide a Name for this DS (Data Source) and the Server name you want to connect to 
  • Click Next and select database authentication 
  • Click Next and select the checkbox 'Change the default database to' and provide the correct database name you will connect to via the DTW 
  • Click Finish 
  • When the Setup Window appears with a summary click 'Test Data Source' to ensure the connection succeeds 

2. DTW Steps

  • In Step 2 of the Data Transfer Workbench Wizard select 'ODBC' from the Source Data Type combo box. This will then open up the 'Extract by ODBC' window.
  • DSN - the name of the ODBC data source set up in Step 1
  • User ID - the DBUser used in the data source which is normally 'sa'
  • Password - the 'sa' password
  • Simple Select Statement - the SQL statement to extract the database from the database table
  • If the data files contain both header and item information, you must define the primary keys - that is why in our example we set CardCode as RecordKey.
  • If the data file contains only header files you do not need to define the primary key. oChartOfAccounts is an example of this object.
  • The maximum data length is set to 10000. Select the "Maximum Data Length Is Larger Than 10000" checkbox and enter the maximum length in the textbox if you have a lot of text in a certain field e.g Remarks.
  • Continue with each step of the DTW wizard as normal to import or update the data.

3. Additional Information 

  • For each database you wish to connect to you need to set up a separate ODBC data source.
  • Windows User Account should have the rights to access from the DTW installation folder.
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