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1310893 - Negative DocEntry is Used when Overlapping Document Numbers Exist

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A negative DocEntry is used when overlapping Document Numbers exist.

Reproducing the issue


  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu choose Administration  System Initialization  Document Numbering  Outgoing Payment and create two series for the same document (Outgoing Payment for example).
    • Series 1: set the Period Indicator to 2014, the InitialNum to 100, and the LastNum to 500
    • Series 2: set the Period Indicator to 2015, the InitialNum to 100, and the LastNum to 500.
  2. Post an Outgoing Payment for Series 1 with a DocNum of 100.
  3. Post an Outgoing Payment for Series 2 with a DocNum of 100.
  4. Review the 'DocEntry' in the OVPM Table by using the following query:

Select * from OVPM where DocNum = 100

Actual behavior:

  • The OVPM.DocEntry for Series 1 is positive.
  • The OVPM.DocEntry for Series 2 is negative.


Functionality Description.


This is the correct system definition.

In the Incoming Payment and Outgoing Payment functions, you find that the 'DocEntry' is automatically set as equal to the 'DocNum'. When the 'DocNum' is repeated for another Period Indicator, the system is unable to re-use the same 'DocNum' as a 'DocEntry'. Therefore, the system assigns a negative 'DocEntry' to the repeated 'DocNum'. The system uses the 'DocNum' as a link between the header and detailed tables. The relationship is as follows:

OVPM.DocNum = VPMx.DocNum

In order to avoid having the negative DocEntry, it is recommended that you do not use the overlapping numbers in Document Numbering, even if you use different period indicators.

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