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3465875 - How to set up authorizations for system queries

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You need to set up authorizations for any of the following reports in order to allow or prevent users from viewing the report(s):

  • BP Bank Accounts Query
  • Checks for Payment in Date Cross Section Report
  • Customer Receivables by Customer Cross-Section
  • Customers Credit Limit Deviation
  • External Reconciliation by Due Date
  • External Reconciliation by Exact Amount
  • External Reconciliation by Sum (FC)
  • External Reconciliation by Trans. Number
  • G/L Account Location in Balance Sheet Templates
  • House Bank Accounts Query
  • Internal Reconciliation by Due Date
  • Internal Reconciliation by Exact Amount
  • Internal Reconciliation by Trans. Number
  • Locate Exceptional Discount in Invoice
  • Locate Journal Transaction by Amount Range
  • Locate Journal Transaction by FC Amount Range
  • Locate Reconciliation in Bank Statement by Row Number
  • Locate Reconciliation/Row in Bank Statements by Exact Amount
  • SE Commission by Invoices in Posting Date Cross-Section
  • Transactions Received from Voucher Report


The reports mentioned above are System Queries, which you can access either from the Main Menu or by choosing them from Tools → Queries → System Queries.

You can set up authorizations for system queries as follows:

  1. In Tools → Queries → Query Manager, click the Manage Categories button to open the Create/Edit Categories window, and assign the desired Authorization Groups to the system queries.
  2. You also need to assign the authorizations to users via Administration → System Initialization →  Authorizations →  General Authorizations section Reports  → Query Generator → Saved Queries - Group No. 1 - Group No. 15.
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