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3450729 - Remove, close, and restore multiple draft marketing documents

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You cannot remove, close, or restore multiple draft sales, purchasing, and inventory documents at a time in the Document Drafts Report window. You need to remove, close, or restore the drafts one by one.


Reproducing the issue

  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose one of the following:
    • Sales - A/R → Sales Reports → Document Drafts Report
    • Purchasing - A/P → Purchasing Reports → Document Drafts Report
    • Inventory → Inventory Reports → Document Drafts Report
  2. Set the required parameters to display the drafts you want to process.
  3. Select one draft, or press Ctrl or Shift to select multiple drafts.
  4. Delete, close, or restore the selected drafts by using one of the following options:
    • Right click to open the context menu. In the context menu, choose Remove, Close, or Restore.
    • In the menu bar, choose Data → Remove, Data → Close, or Data → Restore.



System behavior prior to SAP Business One 10.0 FP 2405 and SAP Business One 10.0 FP 2405, version for SAP HANA:

You can select and remove, close, or restore one draft at a time. You cannot select and remove, close, or restore multiples drafts at a time.

System behavior after upgrade to SAP Business One 10.0 FP 2405 and SAP Business One 10.0 FP 2405, version for SAP HANA:

You can select multiples drafts at a time. All selected drafts are removed or closed. All closed drafts are restored to an open status.

When you remove multiple drafts, make sure that none of your selected drafts are involved in approval processes or recurring transactions; otherwise, you cannot delete any selected drafts.

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