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3030726 - EDS Consumes 100% CPU on Linux

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Electronic Document Service (EDS) running on Linux gradually increases its CPU (central processing unit) usage to 100% making EDS lose its connection to Service Layer and making EDS unstable.

Reproducing the issue


  • You are using EDS service according to SAP Note 2952067.
  • You are using SAP Business One for HANA and EDS is running on a Linux machine.


Install EDS on a Linux machine to process electronic documents and check CPU usage.

Expected behavior:

EDS consumes marginal CPU resources. 

Actual behavior:

EDS uses an ASP .NET framework where EDS continually creates new threads that gradually consume more CPU.

Upon 100% CPU usage, EDS starts to be unstable and continually loses connection to Service Layer and System Landscape Directory.


SAP intends to provide a feature package or patch to solve the symptom that is described in this SAP Note. The section References below lists the related feature package or patch once they become available. Be aware that References can only be confirmed at feature package or patch release date. SAP delivers feature packages or patches only for selected releases at its own discretion, based on the business impact and the complexity of implementation.


This functionality will be refactored to avoid the mentioned ASP .NET framework issue.



Restart EDS processes every hour using a cron service:

  1. Create a script file in "/etc/cron.hourly" with the name "eds-restart".
  2. Add the following code:
    • #! /bin/sh
    • systemctl restart sapb1edfbackend
  3. Make the file executable using the following command: chmod +x eds-restart
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