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897736 - Default Warehouse in MRP Recommendations

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How does MRP choose the warehouse in MRP Recommendations?


Functionality Description


You have run the MRP Wizard and received a list of order recommendations. The recommendations are created for a specific warehouse.

The warehouse is derived as follows:

For items with the Planning Method 'Buy':  

    • The warehouse in the MRP Recommendations window is taken from the Item Master Data - Inventory Data tab, or if not defined,
    • the warehouse information is taken from Administration → Setup → General → User Defaults → Defaults → Warehouse, or if not defined,
    • the warehouse information is taken from Administration → System Initialization → General Settings → Inventory tab → Items → Default Warehouse, or if not defined,
    • then the first warehouse within MRP Wizard - step 4 in the selection grid, for which the checkbox Include Demand is considered.

For items with the Planning Method 'Make', i.e. parent items / products in Bill of Materials:

    • The warehouse is pulled from the Bill of Materials definition and it cannot be overruled by a default warehouse in the Item Master Data of the parent item.

 The warehouse suggested by the MRP can be changed in the MRP Order Recommendation Report.

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