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2274887 - Updating column settings in form settings can not be applied after form reopens

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After making some changes in Form Settings for columns, the column settings cannot be applied after the form is reopened. 

Reproducing the issue


  1. Open a document (e.g. Sales Order) form.
  2. Open Form Settings and navigate to Table Format tab.
  3. Check or uncheck Visible, Active for some columns and save.
  4. Reopen document form.

Expected Behavior:

Settings for Column are applied correctly.

Actual Behavior:

Settings for Column are not applied.


Application error


SAP intends to provide a patch or patches in order to solve the problem described. The section References below will list the specific patches once they become available. The corresponding Info file of the patches in SAP Service Marketplace will also show the SAP Note number. Please note that these references can only be set at patch release date. SAP will deliver patches only for selected releases at its own discretion, based on the business impact and the complexity of the implementation.


Execute this SQL statement on your company database:

delete from CPRF where
exists (select 1 from OUSR as ou where CPRF."TPLId" = ou."TPLId" and CPRF."UserSign" <> ou.USERID)


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